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Legislative Initiatives

The University of Houston’s many recent successes — including tier-one recognition by the Carnegie Foundation—have created a campus environment of excitement, opportunity, and growth. Now more than ever, the University of Houston is a destination university for top-students and internationally renowned professors. In response to its newfound recognition as a national powerhouse, the University of Houston has embarked on billion dollar campaign to build cutting edge classrooms and research facilities.

Further progression on this dynamic trajectory requires public support. Consequently, we have called on our partners in the Texas legislature to support many University of Houston initiatives during the 2015 legislative session, including :

Increase the Higher Education Fund

The Higher Education Fund provides an important source of funding to select Texas public universities (such as UH) that do not benefit from the Permanent University Fund. The Higher Education Fund is used to construct and purchase buildings and equipment, repair and rehabilitate facilities, purchase capital equipment, and purchase library books and materials. The UH PAC requests a 50% increase in funding for the Higher Education Fund.

Pharmacy Equity Funding

The University of Houston receives half of the funding per pharmacy student as similarly situated programs connected to medical schools. This funding shortfall has prevented the UH Pharmacy College from upgrading its facilities, and consequently, has threatened the College with accreditation loss. As a short-term stopgap, the UH PAC has requested a $9 million state contribution to the UH Pharmacy School to help equalize pharmacy funding during this biennium. As a sustainable measure, however, the UH PAC requests that all Texas pharmacy schools receive the same levels of funding.

The Hobby School of Public Affairs

The UH PAC has requested startup funding for the establishment of The Hobby School of Public Affairs to serve as a laboratory for policy innovation at UH.

Increase Downward Expansion Funds

UHCL and UHV recently added additional classes to become four-year universities. Both Universities need additional state funding to complete their respective transformations. The UH PAC requests state funding to assist UHCL and UHV in the downward expansion process.

Alongside these initiatives, the UH PAC advocates for numerous other legislative items that will make the University of Houston System stronger and better able to provide accessible, high quality public higher-education.