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Get Involved!

We are only able to achieve our mission through the volunteer efforts, generosity, and skills of our supporters. Some UH PAC supporters are able to contribute financially; this financial support enables us to engage in direct legislative action. Other supporters are not positioned to make a large financial contribution but seek to help in other ways. Here are some ways you can help aside from making a financial contribution:

Raising money

In the aggregate, numerous people making small financial contributions can make a serious impact. Typically the UH PAC holds four large fundraising events each year. Would you like to serve on a host committee for a UH PAC fundraising event?

Would you like to chair your own fundraising event (big or small) for the UH PAC? If fundraising and/or event hosting is your thing, contact us today!

Join the team

Do you have a skill set that you believe will contribute to our mission? We want people on our team who are passionate, creative, and willing to volunteer their time and effort to make our organization better. If you believe that you can contribute in any way, let us know!

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